Built for Maximum Scalding Capacity with Minimum Labor The Ashley Sure-Scald incorporates many features which eliminate unnecessary, time consuming motions from the scalding job. Designed for large production in limited space, no shackles or conveyor needed. Birds are not confined, but tumble freely, thus insuring a thorough scald. The Accurate Timing Device and Sensitive thermostat eliminate guesswork. Available in three sizes.

The Ashley Scalder is the largest off-the-line scalder on the market. It is designed and built for the processor with large production, without the use of large, expensive line equipment. It can quickly and easily be loaded and unloaded, as there is no basket to open, nor shackles to use. These moments saved are a reason for increased production with an Ashley Scalder.

The tank and cabinet are constructed of heavy gauge #304 stainless steel. The perforated platform is also made of stainless steel. It is equipped with a large heavy-duty gearbox. This stainless steel scalder, being built with the same workmanship and quality of Ashley Sure-Scalder models, is truly a heavy duty scalder built to give many years of service.

The birds are not confined in any way, thus tumble freely, in all positions, which insures a thorough scald, with no partially scalded sections of the bird. The perforated platform forces the birds thru the water, giving the greatest possible agitation. In addition there is the spray scalding action as shown in the illustration below. These things naturally shorten the required scalding time.

The very sensitive temperature controls and the accurate timing device assure a uniform scald at all times.

All these outstanding features combine to make the Sure-Scald a volume producer for the rugged job of scalding turkeys as well as chickens.

The Sides and Bottom of the tank are formed of 1 piece of 12-gauge stainless steel. The bottom is rounded, which makes it easy to clean. The platform can be stopped in any position to facilitate cleaning. The round holes in the perforated platform facilitate removing wet feathers which accumulate during the scalding operation. This is a distinct advantage over expanded metal or other material with sharp corners.

MODEL#'s   AM-48-SS, AM-36-SS, AM-30-SS

While all of the Ashley Sure-Scald scalders have the same appearance as in the photo to the right, they come in various capacities.

Inside width36"30"26½"
Inside length48"36"30"
Inside depth30"27"24½"
Outside width*40"33"31"
Outside height**41½"37½"36"
Outside length84"70"56"
Burner Capacity (BTU)375,000250,000125,000

*Outside width does not include 4” extension for control panel.
**Outside length does include work table extension and flue diverter.

Thermometer: As optional equipment a wall type dial thermometer can be installed the Scalder.
Drain Board: The Drain Board is standard with all tanks.

Ashley AM-48-SS Sure-Scald

While stainless steel provides the greatest durability in a scalder, Ashley Machine Sure-Scald scalders are also available in heavy gauge steel. The model numbers are SS-48, SS-36, and SS-30. These scalders come with an inner tank constructed of 10 gauge and 3/16" hot dipped galvanized steel. The dimensions and specifications are simular to their Stainless Steel counterparts only the type of steel is different.

Ashley Machine Sure-Scald Process Illustration

Diagram of the starting position for a Ashley Machine Sure-scald scalder Diagram of the quarter turn position for a Ashley Machine Sure-scald scalder Diagram of the half turn position for a Ashley Machine Sure-scald scalder
Loaded-ready to start scald cycle. Consider the ease in loading-no basket to open or shackles to load. Just push the start button to begin operation. Timer automatically resets to desired time. Position After platform has made about ¼ of a cycle. Birds are dumped to the bottom of the tank. The water level backs up ahead of platform. Water sprays through holes in platform onto birds, giving a spray-action scald. Position after platform has made ½ of a cycle. Birds are completely submerged-not confined in any way but free to tumble in all positions thus assuring a through scald.
Birds are tumbled thorough the water by the revolving platform and then out of the water to the stop position. The platform rotates at 10 RPM and will rotate several times depending on length of scald. Diagram of the three quarter turn position for a Ashley Machine Sure-scald scalder Diagram of the fully rotated position for a Ashley Machine Sure-scald scalder

Both of the Ashley Manual scalders have the same appearance as in the photo to the right. Inside tank hot-dip galvanized after fabrication. This machine is equipped with automatic heat controls. Ideal for smaller operations The varying specifications are below.

Inside length32"20"
Inside width22"20"
Inside depth23"23"
Capacity (gallons)6038
Burner Capacity (BTU)80,00040,000
Ship Weight400 lbs400 lbs

All models are available in LP or Natural Gas.
Also available in Stainless Steel.

Ashley Manual Scalder