These reliable Ashley Sure-Picks are unexcelled in quality and service. They are available in three sizes: Model SP-23, SP-30, SP-38. They will pick to perfection, fryers, fowl, game birds and turkeys. Ashley Machine Company has been manufacturing quality poultry dressing equipment for over 40 years, and feels that the Sure-Pick is one of the leaders of their complete line of dressing equipment.

The feather exhaust, a feature developed by Ashley, helps the processor with feather handling problems. The Automatic Unloading Door is self-closing. The door latch is operated by the start button, which simultaneously starts the time and opens the automatic water valve. The work shelf, feather exhaust, and automatic door are standard features; however adjustable legs and catch table are optional features for the SP-30 and SP-38 pickers.

Models SSP-38 and SSP-30 feature Stainless Steel construction. Models SP-38, SP-30, and SP-23 are made from galvanized hot-dipped steel. All models feature spun aluminum picking cones.


This latest model Sure-Pick is an all-purpose picker for all types of poultry, from fryers to turkeys. With the automatic, self-closing unloading door, the automatic timer and water valve, convenient loading height, you will find this picker readily adaptable to your picking room. Height to top of cylinder is 42”. Height can be adjusted upward, to any desired height.

Controls are enclosed in a waterproof box.

  1. This stainless steel picker being built with the same workmanship and quality as the other Ashley Sure-Pick Models is truly a heavy duty picker built to give many years of service.
  2. The frame, cylinder, and base are made of heavy gage #304 stainless steel The housing and loading tray are also made of #304 stainless steel. The rotating cone shaped drum is spun from heavy gage aluminum.


  • Motor: 3-HP, 220V/1PH or 3PH
  • Dimensions: 42 ½” x 48 ½” x 68” H
  • Height to Top of cylinder: 42”
  • Cylinder diameter: 38”
  • Capacity: Approximately 60 lbs.

Ashley SP38 Sure-Pick

The Feather Exhaust is a feature developed by Ashley, which helps with feather handling problems. Feathers can be exhausted from under the picker, either to the front, back or the end opposite the control cabinet.

The Automatic Unloading Door is self-closing. The door latch is operated by the start button, which simultaneously starts the timer and opens the automatic water valve. Unloading door can be mounted in the cylinder in location desired by processor. Drum rotation can be clockwise or counterclockwise

“Water Saver” automatic water control valve. Equipped with motor overload protection. Hot-dipped galvanized heavy steel frame. Waterproof start and stop buttons.

Drum: Special design, cone shape spun aluminum. We recommend the work shelf; feather exhaust and automatic unloading door for most efficient operation- however these are optional.


  • Motor: 2 HP-220 Volt- 60 HZ 1 Phase or 3 phase
  • Dimensions: 35” long, 54” wide, 43” high
  • Cylinder diameter: 30”
  • Capacity: Approximately 40 lbs.
  • Timer: Automatic Reset with 0-60 seconds range

Ashley SP30 Sure-Pick

The SP-23 features as standard equipment:

  • A work tray for easy lading.
  • A “water saver” automatic water control valve.
  • A feather exhaust system designed to expel wet feathers at the side of the picker, opposite the operator.
  • A push button 60 second timer for rapid control of variable picking time.
  • A formed aluminum cylinder with a spun aluminum picking cone, provide excellent feather removal and easy access to the finished birds.
  • A galvanized steel frame provides durability and moisture resistance.


  • Motor: 1 ½ HP-120/220 Volt- 60 HZ 1 Phase totally enclosed
  • Dimensions: 42” long, 26 ½” wide, 40” high
  • Cylinder diameter: 23”
  • Capacity: Approximately 24 lbs.
  • Timer: Automatic Reset with 0-60 seconds range

Ashley SP23 Sure-Pick

Ashley Manual Pickers have been used by processors for over 40 years.
These machines are built with heavy gauge stainless steel.
Manual Pickers are available in the following two sizes.


  • Drum width: 15”
  • Drum diameter: 15 ½”
  • Fingers: 144
  • Motor: ½ HP
  • Ship Weight: 300#


  • Drum width: 21”
  • Drum diameter: 15 ½”
  • Fingers: 216
  • Motor: ½ HP
  • Ship Weight: 300#

Model #5 Ashley Manual Picker #5
Model #15 Ashley Manual Picker #15

Be sure to see the information on the heavy duty Ashley Sure-Scald scalder just go to our Sure-Scald page. This machine is of the highest quality and will give you the maximum in production with the minimum of labor. Complete equipment for picking and eviscerating in all systems including line operations.

Ashley products include; gas and steam scalders, manual and automatic pickers, stainless steel tables, fingers, knives, aprons and other supplies.