History of Ashley Machine Company

Ashley Machine Inc. was started in Ashley, Ohio in the late 1930’s and was moved to Greensburg, Indiana in 1940. Ashley Machine was owned by E.L. McKinley who also owned McKinley Produce Company. Ashley Machine was then purchased by J. Howard Ernstes, with John J. Meek serving as general manager for many years. The company has been at its current address, 901 N. Carver Street since 1952.

Ashley Machine Inc. was then purchased in January of 1991 by the E. Thomas Barnes family and the name changed to Ashley Machine Company, a division of M.S.S.H. Inc. Being Grandpa to Mitchell, Spencer, Stuart, Hannah, the new corporation was formed. James D. Israel has served as the general manager since 1991.

When Ashley Machine was first moved to Greensburg, Indiana, the only product manufactured was the manual picker. Over the years, Ashley Machine Company has become a manufacturer of both: manual pickers and scalders as well as batch pickers and scalders. Scalders are offered in both galvanized and stainless steel and pickers in both aluminum and stainless steel. Ashley also offers an array of manual eviscerating tables and troughs, killing racks and cones, knives, shears and aprons.

Please feel free to contact Ashley Machine Company with all your poultry processing needs.